Breeder Referral

The Harrier Club of America (HCA) does not recommend, guarantee, endorse, nor rate breeders, their kennels, or their stock. Individual dogs are not examined by the HCA. Buyers should be certain to check all matters relating to AKC registration, health, quality, and stud agreements with the breeders, sellers or stud owners before making any decision.

Requirements for a Harrier breeder to be on the HCA Breeder Referral list:

  • Minimum of 24 months continuous membership in the Harrier Club of America.
  • A signed agreement to adhere to the Code of Ethics on file with the Club Secretary.

Prospective Buyers: Please read the Harrier Club Code of Ethics.


There are only a few breeders in all of the US and subsequently only a few litters each year. If you are looking for a local breeder, please understand there may not be one in your area. It is possible to buy a puppy long distance, and you should discuss that with each breeder.  If you want to meet a Harrier in person, please contact breeder referral.  We have owners in various areas of the country who are willing to meet with people so that you can get to know a Harrier.

If you are truly serious about wanting to add a Harrier to you life, you need to be prepared to wait, in some cases, as much as a year.  If you do not wish to wait that long, you might want to consider adopting a rescue or an adult hound that a breeder has for placement.

Please contact Mindy Isham for a list of breeders who are planning or who have litters available.